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yum makua  (gf)

spicy – Fried chinese eggplant, dressed in a cilantro lime nam jim dressing and topped with fried basil

goong choop bang taud

Lightly breaded prawns with rice flour and breadcrumbs, crispy fried and served with a sweet chili dipping sauce

papia phak sot  (gf, v)

made fresh daily, fresh vegetables, mango, and coconut flakes rolled in a rice wrap, served with May’s light sweet tamarind sauce with a hint of fresh Thai chili

pla meuk yang  (gf)

spicy – tender grilled squid served with our cilantro lime nam jim dressing

yum phak boong  (gf)

siamese watercress flash fried in rice flour, drizzled in coconut milk, and served with a coconut lime chili-oil dipping sauce

moo satay   (gf)

pork skewers marinated in house-made yellow curry, lightly grilled, and served with cucumber salad and house-made peanut sauce

papia taud  (v)

made fresh daily, vermicelli noodles and fresh vegetables crispy fried and served with sweet pineapple dipping sauce

som thum  (gf)

spicyfresh green papaya, tomato, green beans, tossed in tangy lime and palm sugar dressing, topped with peanuts

moo taud  (gf)

twice cooked tender marinated pork spareribs, served with Thai sriracha sauce

pla rad prik  (gf)

Fried tilapia served with tangy sweet chili sauce and topped with fried basil

phad thai

May’s famous traditional phad thai, stir fried thin rice noodles in sweet tangy tamarind sauce with bean sprouts, chives, turnips, egg, and choice of protein. Garnished and presented table-side with Banana blossom, bean sprouts, lime, chili, sugar, and ground peanuts.

phad kee mao

spicy – wok stir fry of wide rice noodles, egg, and holy basil. Choice of protein

phad see iew

wok stir fry of wide rice noodles, egg, and Thai broccoli in a sweet dark soy sauce with choice of protein

kaow phad sapparod

Thailand’s famous pineapple fried rice with egg, cashews, and garlic in a yellow curry powder with choice of protein

grapao and kaidao

Bangkok’s favorite holy basil dish. Wok stir fry chicken or pork with garlic, spicy birds eye chili and green beans served with wok fried egg over steamed jasmine rice


thom yum

spicy – a tangy lemongrass broth with fresh oyster mushrooms, cilantro, and choice of protein

thom ka

a galangal coconut cream soup with fresh oyster mushrooms, cilantro, and choice of protein

yum pla trout

spicyDeep fried whole rainbow trout, served with fresh mango salad of onions, mint, cashew nuts, and bell peppers in our cilantro lime nam jim dressing

yum neau

spicygrilled flank steak tossed in a salad of fresh greens, tomatoes, red onion, mint, & cucumber with a wine & citrus dressing mixed with toasted rice powder

northeastern thai style larb

spicyminced chicken or pork in tangy roasted chili lime dressing with red onions and mint, tossed with roasted rice powder and served with cabbage, green beans, and mint

gaeng faak thong

A warm and inviting yellow curry of kobocha squash in tumeric, cardamom, and fresh Thai basil with choice of protein

gaeng massman

Rich, hearty spiced yellow curry served with potato, onions, peanuts, and choice of protein, traditionally served with beef

gaeng normai gai

May’s house red curry with traditionally served with fresh chicken breast, bamboo shoots and Thai basil

gaeng khiao waan

May’s house made green curry paste with Thai chili, herbs, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime, Thai eggplants and sweet coconut cream, served with choice of protein

phad king gai

Wok stir fry of chicken and oyster mushrooms in onion, soy, and fresh ginger broth, served with choice of protein

phad makua

Wok stir fry of fresh long purple eggplant, Thai basil, and soybean paste, served with fried tofu, mushrooms, or choice of meat

phad pak ruammit

Wok stir fry of prawns, shiitake mushrooms, fried tofu, and mixed vegetables in sweet soy garlic broth

phad phed gaeng dang

spicywok stir fry of bamboo shoot, mushrooms, onion, bell pepper, baby corn, and fresh Thai basil in broth from Mays red curry paste, served with choice of protein

phad prik khing

spicywok stir fry of green beans, in prik khing chili paste, served with choice of protein

phad metmamuanghimmaphan

spicyWok stir fry of cashew, sweet onions, mushrooms, and green onions in a paste of house made smoky chili sauce served with choice of protein

pra ram loang soang

Wok steamed mix of baby corn, bean sprouts, siamese watercress and choice of protein, covered in May’s house made peanut sauce

paper memory

Tanqueray Rangpur gin, Dolin dry vermouth, Macrut lime leaf.

east goes east

Vodka, cardamaro, lime, grapefruit, curry spice and tumeric syrup, cardamom bitters

may II

Rhum agricole, pineapple, pomegranate juice, orgeat, lime, Jamaican rum 

cucumber comeback

muddled cucumber, gin, dry vermouth, lemon, orange bitters

monkey business

Barbados 5 year rum, Lillet blanc, Giffard’s Banane du Brasil, bitters

hunt for margarita

Thai chili infused Pueblo Viejo Tequila blanco, lime, Combier liquer d’Orange, agave nectar

the modern

Johnnie Walker Black blended Scotch Whisky, Plymouth slo gin, lemon, Absinthe, orange bitters

the commoner

Mekhong rum, Buffalo Trace bourbon, agave nectar, Angostura bitters

island palms

Silver rum, coconut cream, lime, pomegranate, orgeat, Dark rum

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